What Is Cosmetic Acupuncture?

Using acupuncture needles on specific points on the face to enhance the beauty and preserve a youthful appearance has been done for centuries in China and other Asian countries, but it’s just started to become popular in the western countries.

Cosmetic acupuncture is done in the same manner as acupuncture has done for general health and specific condition with the goal of creating collagen just under the skin to help fill in wrinkles and plump skin, similar to the results of Botox, Restylane or plastic surgery. Like traditional Chiese acupuncture, the cosmetic version also aims to balance the body’s energy and create a sense of well-being.

Benefits Of Cosmetic Acupuncture

Acupuncture works to improve the look of the entire face and not just certain spots, and it also appeals to many who balk at having foreign substances injected into their faces.

It fills in wrinkles and increases the collagen production in areas that need it, like frown lines, smile lines and smoker’s lines around the mouth, in addition, the color and texture of the skin brightens and smoothes and sagging gets lifted in a natural way. It’s not like a surgical facelift because it’s not that drastic.

While cosmetic acupuncture patients shouldn’t expect the immediate, dramatic results they might see with other treatments, they do report seeing some changes rather quickly.

One study (1) found that the majority of people saw improvements after just five sessions of facial acupuncture, but we recommend 10 treatments once or twice a week to see optimum results. After that, you can go into what is called as a “maintenance stage,” where you get the treatment every four to eight weeks.

It’s a great treatment for those who are really busy and, on the go,,” and it allows the body time to relax and restore.”

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